»…Alexandra Sostmann manages to fully transfer the bright, silvery flow of the harpsichord’s timbre to today's piano, ornamenting the repeats so elegantly and joyfully that it’s fun to spot all those snub-nosed trills, freckly mordents and curly slides between the artfully interlaced garlands of Bach's dances..., ‘Bach – Chopin’ is the utterly unassuming title of the CD (TYXart). Quietly luminous, it is a pleasure to listen to it again and again."«

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Jan Brachmann (11/2017)

»FOR RELAXATION: Bach: French Suites, Chopin: Mazurkas. Alexandra Sostmann (TYXart). Chopin revered Bach because in the latter’s music one will search in vain for superfluous lines. Framed by two French Suites, Chopin's Mazurkas also sound simply essential. A clarifying combination.«

RECOMMENDED BY TAGESSPIEGEL CRITICS: The best CDs this autumn / Ulrich Amling

»… the pianist's masterful serenity – a serenity that means not passivity but precisely the opposite: far removed from any showy gestures, Sostmann succeeds in carefully unlocking the poetic interiors of each piece...« Music and sound: excellent

FONO FORUM, Frank Siebert (12/2017)


Stuttgarter Zeitung, Hans Jörg Wagner (10/2017)

»…‘delicatissimo’ could be the telling title of the CD as a whole. Delicacy, subtlety, tasteful sensibilities, an always brilliant tone: all this marks the pianist's playing, giving you the comforting feeling that this is how this music must be played and must sound. A singing, enticing, targeted legato, crystal-clear diction, a ‘clean’, pathos-free and hence ‘unmuddied’ style convey a sense of legitimized transparency ... references to music history that heighten the intensity of listening pleasure.«

Klassik Heute, Rainer W. Janka (9/2017)
Klassik Heute recommendation - CD of the week – highest ranking in all categories

»[...] a perfect interpretation of Igor Stravinsky. [...] this music was a gift of God!«

"La Capital", Mar del Plata (10/2016)

»Amazing affinities - Alexandra Sostmann combines Bach and contemporary music Bach or not Bach – that is the question on this intelligently compiled CD recorded by Alexandra Sostmann. The Frankfurt pianist combines piano music written by the "Thomaskantor" with contemporary music inspired by Bach or at least showing structural similarities. Occasionally, these similarities are so strong that the boundaries between old and new, between Bach and contemporary music, become blurred – an intriguing listening experience. [...] It is magical moments like these that make this CD a fascinating voyage of discovery into the expanses of time.«

BR Klassik, Dr. Thorsten Preuß (01/2014)

»The pianist Alexandra Sostmann, internationally successful both as a soloist and chamber musician, had the idea of contrasting Bach works with modern piano pieces on a CD.[...] a multifaceted, colourful panorama, superbly interpreted both technically and musically, of the sustained impact and power of Johann Sebastian Bach as a timeless model... Ranking: 5 stars!«

KulturNews.de (02/2014)

»CD tip!«

Recommended by hr2 kultur Broadcast Corporation (02/2014)

»[...] This intelligent program constellation is what makes this TYXArt CD so attractive, because it unfolds the many and varied interrelations between baroque and contemporary music. The pianist underlines the import of her concept with her momentous play, whose bell-like sound has been wonderfully captured by the microphones. Anyone who is looking for that really special piano CD will find it here.«

pizzicato - Journal about Classical Music - Remy Franck (03/2014)

»[...] this is an intriguing recital [...] Shostakovich’s concentrated fugue builds to a passionate climax in Sostmann’s hands, providing an intense finale. [...] If you look at the versions for piano, there are many fine competitors; Angela Hewitt, Murray Perahia, Vladimir Feltsman and Robert Levin offer the English Suites in contrasting performances. Alexandra Sostmann’s performance of the A minor suite shows up well in that company; athletic, clear and well-articulated, as is her account of the D minor prelude and fugue. [...] the sound recording is clear and spacious. Certainly well worth a listen.«

MusicWeb-International (04/2014)

»[...] Sostmann captures the specific character of these compositions with fine sensitivity and polished pianism [...] In between, she delights the listener with wonderfully relaxed Bach interpretations that testify to an intimate familiarity with the material. All in all a very successful CD production, which brings a new light to an important chapter of 20th century music history. Interpretation: 5/6, sound: 6/6, repertoire value: 5/6«

PianoNEWS Magazin (03/2014)

»CD tip!«

Frankenpost (03/2014)

»CD Review & Recommendation! [...] Sostmann performs lovingly. [...] Given the thought of programming and the performances themselves, this release is a winner. The way that Sostmann moulds Bach’s music to suit its surrounding is exceptional.«

Fanfare Magazine USA (06/2014)

»Music and Sound: very good!«

FONO FORUM (07/2014)

»Piano delights at the very height of perfection.«

HR Klassik

»...without any hectic, free, natural, flowing«

Dresdner Neue Nachrichten

»A celebration on the piano«

Hamburger Abendblatt

»…enthusiastic musicians … a superbly interpreted program«

American Record Guide