Discover the connection between the composers and traces of Bach in Chopin!

"….Alexandra Sostmann manages to fully transfer the bright, silvery flow of the harpsichord’s timbre to today's piano, ornamenting the repeats so elegantly and joyfully that it’s fun to spot all those snub-nosed trills, freckly mordents and curly slides between the artfully interlaced garlands of Bach's dances..., ‘Bach – Chopin’ is the utterly unassuming title of the CD (TYXart). Quietly luminous, it is a pleasure to listen to it again and again."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Jan Brachmann (11/2017)

BACH French Suites & CHOPIN Mazurkas
Alexandra Sostmann, piano
TYXArt, 2017